The Anatomy Of A Good Blog Post

Breaking down the anatomy of a good blog post is fairly easy.  Most people understand that images win, that graphics help tell the story and that breaking apart giant pieces of text into bullet points and quote boxes will help keep your reader engaged.

Anatomy of a good blog post

Courtesy Danielle Morrill

That doesn’t mean everyone gets it.  Why does this make a difference?  Because content is a story.  Writers, blogger, graphic designers – all storytellers.

Some understand that is what they’re doing and that is why they’re so good at creating an organic experience and really telling their story, drawing in their reader like a grandfather sitting by the fire sharing tales with kids gathered around his feet.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a post I came across today that did just that – drew me in and created an actual experience.  It’s called Zombie Startups and it was posted by Danielle Morrill on her personal blog.

What made this post so good was that she did everything she could to set a scene for the reader.  She included photos, graphs, quotes and most importantly – she added music.

Anatomy of a good blog post

When you opened her blog you saw the image on the left that suggested in order to get the full effect of her post you should listen to the attached music while reading.

A brilliant move because it engaged another of the 5 senses and quite literally set the tone for the piece.  Much like a sound editor carefully selecting a piece of music to accompany a scene, Danielle utilized music to engage her readers and create an experience.

Well done Danielle, well done.

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